Environmental Humanities Graduate Certificate

Open to graduate students from all departments and schools, including the sciences, the Certificate in Environmental Humanities trains graduate students to integrate methods of the humanities into cross-disciplinary environmental research. Through a shared seminar, two elective courses, and participation in labs and colloquium, students learn to use skills, knowledges, tools, and archives of the humanities to advance pluralist, collaborative approaches to environmental issues.

Certificate Requirements:

Twelve credit hours:

  • 3 hour seminar ENVH 6000: Introduction to Environmental Humanities
    • offered in Spring 2021 by Willis Jenkins & Mary Kuhn
  • 6 hours of electives
    • At least one course from outside the student’s home department
    • EH-themed courses will be listed on website; or, with permission, students may add an EH component to other graduate courses
    • EH electives may also count toward the degree requirements of ones’ program
  • Three semesters of 1-hour participation in EH research colloquium and/or transdisciplinary lab

Students will be assigned a faculty mentor from outside their department to advise course selection and approve credit requirements. The EH faculty mentor may be available, but is not required, to participate on the examination or thesis committee for master’s students and on the dissertation proposal and defense committees for a doctoral student.

Each candidate will publicly present their research in some form, as approved by their EH adviser. Whether in website or podcast form, or a talk or workshop, each graduate of the certificate program will have experience formulating their research for broad public engagement.

Questions? Email willis.jenkins@virginia.edu or talk with any EH faculty member

Application Requirements:

▪ Two-page statement of intellectual and professional goals for work in the Certificate
▪ UVA graduate-level transcript;
▪ Academic writing sample; and
▪ Endorsement of participation from the applicant’s DGS

Send applications to Willis Jenkins (willis.jenkins@virginia.edu). Applications will be reviewed by a committee of EH faculty and recommendations sent to GSAS.


ENVH 6000: Introduction to Environmental Humanities (3 credits), Spring, 2021

Introducing the questions, methods, and arguments that organize work in the environmental humanities (EH), this graduate seminar is open to MA and PhD students from any discipline, including the sciences and social sciences. The seminar’s primary objective to is to advance graduate student capacities to use skills, knowledges, tools, and archives of the humanities to advance pluralist, integrated understandings of environmental issues. In support of that purpose, the seminar develops critical reflection on methodological questions in EH about disciplinarity, collaboration, innovation, and public engagement.

This seminar runs in coordination with the regular EH research colloquium, which features transdisciplinary research from within UVA as well as leading EH figures from outside the university.


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