Graduate Researchers

MELISSA H. HEYHey_headshot.jpg

Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Sciences

Melissa’s research explores how a prevalent form of sensory pollution created by humans – light pollution – disrupts our environment. Her dissertation focuses on direct and indirect effects of light pollution on ecosystem processes and how these are mediated by animals’ responses to its presence. Her interests more broadly lie in urban ecology and trying to find sustainable ways for humans to co-exist with nature.

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Doctoral Candidate, Religious Studies

Luke studies religion and environmental ethics, with particular attention to Christian environmental thought in the climate change era. His dissertation engages multiple connections between environmental change and violence as emerging problems for religious ethics and for Christian environmental and political thought.

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KEVIN STEWART ROSErose-headshot-2019 copy

Doctoral Candidate, Religious Studies & Graduate Coordinator, Environmental Humanities

Kevin’s work examines environmentalism among American Protestants in the second half of the twentieth century. His dissertation focuses on the relationship between shifting formations of American capitalism in the 1970s and 80s and Protestant conceptions of religious agency in response to the environmental crises of those decades.

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