Flash Talks in Environmental Method

UPDATE: Due to other EH related events taking place this Friday, we have rescheduled our first pair of graduate flash talks for Friday, February 28th at 12pm in the Corner Building.

Lunch will be provided, please email kevinrose@virginia.edu to RSVP.

This semester, grad students in our Environmental Humanities network have organized a series of flash talks addressing the various methods they use in their research on the environment, occurring in pairs over lunch throughout the spring.

Our first lunch meeting will take place on Friday, February 21st, from 12:45-1:45 in the Corner Building (1400 University Ave.), featuring talks on Environmental Literature:

  • Nicole Bonino (Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese): “Fiction or Reality? Understanding Urban Modernity through Environmental Literature.”
  • Blair Wilner (Religious Studies), “Why a Theologian Thinks About Ecology Through Poetry.”

These will be followed by two more lunch meetings on Friday, March 20th at 12pm and Friday, April 17th, at 1pm, both in the Corner Building

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