EH@UVA advances methods and knowledges of the humanities in support of collaborative, multi-disciplinary approaches to environmental research. Connecting scholars in the sciences and social sciences as well as humanities and arts,  environmental humanities holds that understanding environmental questions requires engaging matters of history, interpretation, value, and criticism.

For faculty and graduate students from across the university who are working to develop hybrid, pluralist, or integrated research projects, EH@UVA holds regular seminars, convenes reading groups, develops transdisciplinary labs, mentors graduate students, and hosts public events.

If you would like to get involved, contact Enrico Cesaretti

EH Related Labs & Initiatives

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Flash Talks in Environmental Method

UPDATE: Due to other EH related events taking place this Friday, we have rescheduled our first pair of graduate flash talks for Friday, February 28th at 12pm in the Corner Building. Lunch will be provided, please email kevinrose@virginia.edu to RSVP. This semester, grad students in our Environmental Humanities network have organized a series of flash talks… Continue Reading →

GradBlog – Coastal Futures Conservatory Open Lab

Coastal Futures Conservatory Open Lab: Bridging Science, Art, and Community By Nicole Bonino The lab session organized by the Coastal Futures Conservatory as part of the Coastal Future Festival, managed to bridge arts, humanities, and sciences through an event that featured talks from Conservatory fellows and musical accompaniment by the Grammy-award winning artist Matthew Duvall…. Continue Reading →

GradBlog – Coasts in Crisis and The Shore Line

Resilience and Solidarity on Display in the Puerto Rican Art Museum and Two UVa Art Exhibitions by Kevin Stewart Rose If I’m being honest, as a somewhat new participant in environmental humanities, I’m sometimes foggy on what we actually mean when we talk about interdisciplinary conversations around the environment. I always enjoy discussions that include… Continue Reading →

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